Why Choose USHMID-SMS?

Message Delivery Process

Message Delivery Process
What You Must Know about Bulk SMS Service:
Bulk SMS Companies develop Platforms/Software for messaging, and have control on which Operator Gateway/Routing they use for message delivery on their Platforms/Software.
Most of our competitors utilize VERY CHEAP “ALTERNATE” GATEWAY options on their Platforms/Software for message delivery.
NB: These CHEAPER “ALTERNATE” GATEWAY have poor delivery and a lot of limitations/Restrictions, but they use them because they make more profit and are able to sell their SMS credit at a very cheaper price to their customers/clients.

USHMID-SMS do not utilize these alternate gateways/routing, we are using the “DIRECT COST EFFECTIVE SMSC GATEWAY” which has Best Delivery and has more advance capabilities, and yet we have cheaper prices than most of our alternate gateway competitors. 🙂

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Sending SMS to many phone numbers can be done using either Notepad in windows or Microsoft Excel with just five (5) simple steps. Here we will show you the steps in using Notepad to send Bulk SMS.
  1. Open Notepad and enter your phone numbers; one below another in the correct format and save.
  2. Login to your account at: ushmid.com/bulksmslogin
  3. Open the “Bulk SMS” page found under “Send SMS”
  4. Click on the “Choose File” Button and select your saved Notepad file containing phone numbers.
  5. Continue with entering your “SENDER NAME” (not more than 11 characters), Write your message in the Message Box, and Click “SEND” to deliver your message immediately, or “SCHEDULE” the message to be delivered on your chosen date and time.
Click on the screenshots below to see images of the steps mentioned above;

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The single SMS page is the first you are presented with when you log in to your BULK SMS account.
The single SMS feature is used for sending SMS to just some few phone numbers on a fly.
NOTE: Please enter mobile numbers separated by Comma “, ” (Country Code without “00” or “+” follow by Mobile Number without the leading “0”.) 
Example: For Ghanaian phone numbers should be; 233541939936,233243785559

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The Group SMS feature is used to send SMS to a lot of phone numbers from a Group or Distribution list you have created and stored contacts in.
  1. Click on “SEND SMS” and navigate to the “GROUP SMS” PAGE.
  2. Select the group you want to send the message to from the list, or you could click on IMPORT CONTACT” LINK to select a distribution list, or to make selection from a group.
  3. Click “SEND” to deliver your message immediately, or “SCHEDULE” the message to be delivered on your chosen date and time.

See steps in the screenshots below; click to view full.

For steps on how to create a group or distribution list, click here